Unique Wedding Decorations Ideas for Reception

Wedding doesn’t always have to be too formal, boring, and plain, but it doesn’t mean that it should go uncontrollable or wild beyond your imagination. Who says you can’t combine elegance and fun together? There are still some great and fun wedding decorations ideas that you can include within the reception. No, they don’t have to be extra expensive or extra spectacular just to make your wedding memorable. As long as you can create a smart and well-laid arrangement, your guests will always remember your wedding – in the most fun ways.

Create Your Own Memory Lane

Your guests can be witness to your relationship – as well as to you and your partner personally. Forget the old ways of showing slide pictures and movies from when you were toddlers. It’s an old school way that can bore your guests to death. Why not creating your own memory lane right in the entrance? Plan a rather long hallway where your guests have to go through before they arrive at the main venue. In that hallway, hung photos from when you and your partners were still toddlers – don’t forget to include families and friends. Those photos can show the guests what kind of personality you and your partner have, and it will make them feel somewhat closer to both of you. Feel free about the ‘memory lane’s decoration’. You can choose your favorite photos with any kind of frames you want. Whether you want to create soft and girly, elegant and classy, or modern and chic memory lane, keep in mind that your guests will love going through the hallway and be witness to your development, as well as your relationship. Trust me, your guests will remember this memory lane.

Break the Ice in the Fun Way

Most brides and grooms will take the conventional (and rather boring) stroll together where they have an arm in the arms way. Ditch that. Once you enter the venue as husband and wife, feel free to dance, run, or even skip – regular stroll is so old school! Not only it will create the big impression that most of your guests will always remember, it also sets up the fun and cool vibe for the rest of the day. After all, you don’t want your guests to be sulky, do you?

Play Games

Most people think that playing games is not appropriate for a wedding. In reality, games are okay for wedding as long as your plan and do it smartly and fun. For instance, you can come up with an idea where each person in a table gets a part of a puzzle, and they have to put all the pieces together so they will know the menu. Crossword puzzles are also good and challenging. If you know your crowds and they aren’t afraid of challenges, you can develop adventurous games that may involve running or trekking around the venue. Consider the setting, the venue, and the types of guests you are inviting. It is a guarantee that games will make everything more fun.

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Don’t Restrict Yourself

When it comes to entertainment, a certain wedding only chooses one type of either live band or DJ. Why not combine both? Yes, it is unusual and unique, but it combines all the great features of both worlds. Those who enjoy live band can get what they want, and those who like recorded songs with a little twist from the DJ can also get what they want. Pleasing the guests will earn you invisible point – and it will certainly make you the talk of the town.

Create Your Own Dessert Buffet

The buffet style of the meal is common, but dessert buffet? Come on, it is you who can pull it off. Guests always love it when they can choose their own favorite sweets, and mixing and matching all the available stuff will certainly make their day. You can have a cupcake station with different colors, flavors, and toppings. You may be surprised that your guests can be creative; piling up crushed Oreo on top of choco buttercream cupcake, for instance. The same thing can also happen when you have your chocolate fountain. Simply provide everything your guests need, and they won’t complain at all.

This kind of dessert buffet is doable on any seasonal wedding. If it is autumn or winter wedding, you can have the cupcake or the chocolate fountain. If it is the summer wedding, you can have your own Snow Cone station. There are inexpensive shaved ice machines that you can rent, and you can accompany it with various syrups. This is suitable for kids as well as adults. Even adults love snow-cone!

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Consider Unique Entertainment

You can have unique entertainment that will make your wedding different from the others, like magicians, palm reading booth, or even flip book station where your guests can create their own mini books and short movies in relation to your event. Be careful, though, as you can turn your wedding event into a night fair if you overdo it. Keep in mind that the entertainment should be a part of your wedding, not the main attraction.

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Have a Wine or Food Truck Tasting Event

Nothing can beat the elegance and laid back atmosphere of being able to taste the wine or a fancy food truck during weddings. If you want to engage in interactive and fun cocktail hour, consider this option. Sure, it may cost extra, but if you have the budgets and you don’t really mind spending extra to please your guests, this can be a worthy experience to try.

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