Ultimate Jewelry Guide For Your Wedding Party

Wedding Party – You’ll never guess where I got my jewelry for my wedding. It didn’t come from a store or an online catalog. I didn’t pin it on Pinterest. I didn’t even catch a glimpse of it in a bridal magazine. My dad made it. Yes, my own father handcrafted all of my wedding jewelry, as well as pieces for my bridesmaids and flower girl.

Ultimate Jewelry Guide For Your Wedding Party

ultimate wedding jewelry

Fortunately for me, he’s had a jewelry making hobby for almost a decade now. Pulling from an impressive set of crafting skills (from wood working even making his own glass beads), he strung together pearls and Swarovski crystals for a necklace and finished it off with a decorative clasp just in case I decided to have an up-do. He even made a pair of earrings to match.

Now, I know not every bride will have a family member or friend on hand to bead custom necklaces and earrings for everyone in the wedding. I do know, however, a few tricks to make sure everyone’s accessories look fabulous on the big day. Here’s my ultimate jewelry guide for your wedding.

Use Your Wedding Colors as Your Guide

If I haven’t made it clear enough, my dad really knocked it out of the park with my wedding jewelry. Not only did he make it all by hand, and not only did he use high-quality stones, but he also made sure each piece went with my wedding colors. I chose yellow and purple as my colors — two hues that just so happen to be right across from each other on the color wheel and, therefore, are high in contrast — and he incorporated them flawlessly into the looks for my girls. The flower girl rocked purple pearls, while my bridesmaids had simpler gold and pearl earrings that let the purple dresses shine.

You don’t want to lose your jewelry with the dress, so go with contrasting yet complementary colors like I did. Metals might be a bit tougher, though, especially when matching them with the white of your particular bridal gown. Fortunately, certain metals tend to look best with certain shades of white:

  • Bright white: If you’ve gone with a classic, bright true white, it’ll look too flashy and clash-y with shiny gold jewelry. You can wear any other metallic, though.
  • Ivory: The golden undertones in ivory clue you in on the metal that goes best: gold. In fact, gold jewelry will play up the warmth of your gown’s hue.
  • Diamond white: Diamond white is defined as barely off-white. Most gowns fit in this category, and the inclusiveness continues with jewelry: you can wear gold, silver, rose gold and more.

Use Your Dresses as a Guide, Too

The cut of a gown can also clue you in to the type of jewelry that would look best. Most importantly, you need to consider the neckline:

  • Strapless or straight: You’ll be showing plenty of skin in a strapless dress, which means you can go bigger with your necklace — a bling-y statement piece would certainly turn heads. You could also go for bigger chandelier earrings if your hair will be down.
  • Sweetheart: The curves of a sweetheart neckline will draw eyes, so no need for a big statement piece here. Instead, go with a simple pendant necklace to brighten up the already eye-catching design.
  • Halter: Say no to a necklace when you’re wearing a halter, since there will already be fabric tied at your neck. This style begs for a pair of drop or chandelier earrings, though, to further accentuate your face.
  • V-neck: The V-shaped cut of your dress is just begging to be blinged out with a simple drop necklace. You wouldn’t want anything more than that, though you could go a bit bigger with earrings instead.

Don’t Forget the Groom and His Wedding Party

wedding party guidewedding party guide

With you and your bridesmaids’ jewelry sorted out, it’s time to move on to the menswear portion of your wedding-day wardrobe choices. While it’s easier to have all the guys looking spiffy and coordinated, you can add a bit more detail with watches and cufflinks.

In fact, family heirlooms or hand-me-down pieces are a great addition to your big day — you’re not the only one who can rock something borrowed. You probably already know if he has, say, his grandfather’s pocket watch or dad’s cufflinks. Working those into his wedding-day outfit will make him feel even more special and close to his family on such a love-filled day.

Make a Gift of It

Finally, in an effort to make sure everyone is coordinated on your wedding day, give them the accessories they need to make it happen. Gifting your wedding party, ushers and even your parents with coordinating jewelry is a great way to make sure everything matches. We gave both mothers a jewelry gift to wear with their dresses. Both had Pandora bracelets, so we bought a charm that signified the day. You could give the fathers special cuff links or tie accessories. You may also want to get something for your grandparents or a special someone who came or participated in the wedding.

Furthermore, they’ll all have a keepsake of the big day that they can wear again and again. And I can go ahead and assume every bride will love killing two birds with one stone: accessories and gifts for everyone involved. Voila. I know I had lots of help or wedding guide on my wedding day, and I don’t take that fact for granted. I also know that it shouldn’t be as hard or stressful for you to decide on everyone’s wedding-day jewelry with the above guide. So, go out and buy bling that speaks to and works with you. Once you find it, you will barely be able to wait to wear it on the big day.

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