Ten Ways to Modernize your Home

Modernizing a home can be either a fun simple project or an intricate task. You can choose to modernize your home by updating few of its features, or you can upgrade the style and architecture of your home, but that can turn into a full house renovation. There are several features people choose to change when modernizing, ranging from the colors to repurposing some rooms.

Keep it Simple

If you decided to modernize your home by doing some structural renovations in your kitchen and bathrooms, remember to keep things simple. Your new cabinets, tables, and chairs should have simple, clean lines. The surfaces should also be clean and mostly reflective to exude the iconic simplicity. Also, never leave too many items and accessories in the rooms because those will only compromise the style.


The modern design just loves the natural light. Try allowing as much daylight as possible in your home with new windows or a simple change of drapes. Additionally, updating your ceiling, sconces and other fixtures around the house with some chrome or metal lamps will add some modern character to your home.

Off-Street Parking

In more urban areas, having an off-street parking space is a huge current plus. Ask around if you need planning permission from the local council and build yourself a nice parking space that will always be reserved just for you. It will not only relinquish you from the suffering of finding a space on the street, but it will add value to your property, as well.


Carpets, wallpapers, flooring and old kitchen and bathroom surfaces can make your home appear older than it is. Any rugs and carpets that are worn out should be replaced or completely forgotten. Clean wooden floors will add modernity to your home, but you can add an area rug or two in a more up-to-date color. Also, renew the counters and cabinets, give them a new neutral color and the home’s age will completely change.

Adding a Room

You can easily build an extension or convert your basement or a garage and make your home more comfortable. Also, you will need a theme for the new room, and the best modern idea is turning it into a theater room. Arrange comfy seating, install dimmable lights and set up the best home theater gear for the ultimate cinema feeling. You can install the necessary equipment yourself, or you can have the professionals from Universal Home Theatre do the deed and have family movie nights at any time.

Repurposing a Room

Having an empty room or a room filled with old boxes of clothes, toys and various knick knacks, is not convenient. Instead of wasting space, try finding it a new purpose. For example, you can have this room filled with vintage pieces of furniture that you wish to transform. Arrange the furniture and devote yourself to creative decoupages, repainting and remodeling the pieces which you can later add to other rooms.

Modern Details

Most of the designs are all about small details. Old light switches, ancient vases and even old house plate numbers can add years to your home. So, to modernize your house, you should consider replacing old vases with sleek neutral ones, switching the street number’s font to a more popular one such as Microgramma, and replacing those old yellow light switches and connectors with new white ones in more modern shapes.

Monochromatic Colors

The color of the walls will tell a lot about the style of your home. You should aim for the simplicity and sleek functionality and make the room feel calm and clean. The best colors to stick with are crème, beige, off-white and taupe, and opt for the monochromatic look. However, if you think this is not completely your style, you can create an accent wall and paint in tangerine or chocolate.

Add a Wall Clock

Even though we all have mobile phones to tell us the time, a home is not complete without a stylish wall clock. If you have one that is old and perhaps not working, you should switch it for a hip new model. For example, George Nelson made outstanding clocks that look like sunbursts, human eyes and other various designs that will add that note of modernism your home needs. Don’t think twice and find a clock that amazes you and gives it a new home.


Adding a mirror of any size in your home will exude the modernity and simplicity. The clean reflective surfaces make the room appear bigger and provide enough light which will brighten the mood. Look for some modern and stylish frames or even shapes of the mirror and make your home shine.

If the time inevitably passes by, that doesn’t mean your home should look outdated. Add a few modern accessories and details and transform your home from shabby and stuffed into an airy and spacious piece of heaven.

Author Bio

My name is Alex Williams, born and raised in beautiful Sydney. I am a journalism graduate and a rookie blogger trying to find my luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to a wider audience, getting the chance to showcase my expertise and receiving recognition. I am a regular contributor at BizzMark Blog.

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