Simple Wickerwork DIY Decorative Crafts Ideas

Wickerwork is such handmade decorative crafts made of wickers. You create various decorative crafts such as wicker baskets, wicker carpets, wicker soaps and many others more. Many cultures have been using such handmade craft since thousand years ago. Most crafts have the same basic motif namely a woven base. The rest motif depends on your creativity and the complexity of the objects you will make. These are some wickerwork crafts which might inspire you.

Wicker Baskets

You can create beautiful wicker baskets to hold various items such as fruits, mails or even soaps. You make your own wicker baskets with intricate shapes or patterns.
wicker basket
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To begin creating your wickerwork, you need to create the woven base first.
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It is no matter what pattern or shape you will create, the base tends to be the same.

This is another style of wicker baskets you can try to make.
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You can give such a holder to enable you hold the basket when carrying fruits or any items placed on it. For smaller baskets, you might not need any holder.
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Another style applied on wicker baskets is by combining colored wickers for the base. It will give a chic appeal for the basket.

Decorative Crafts

Try to create decorative crafts with a cup shape. Couple the cup with the saucer using the same color wickers.
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To make the cup and the saucer more appealing, tie a beautiful lace with a beautiful centerpiece from a ribbon. Tighten the ribbon on the front side of the cup. Then, the wicker cup can be your beautiful decoration. Place it on your dresser for a chic decoration.

Wicker Baskets for cats

If you have a cat, you can make it comfortable with a wicker basket. The wicker basket can be the place where the cat can sleep. Its design is a little bit different with the common baskets. You do not need to give a holder on the basket. Instead, you can create such a roof. The roof is such half-rounded shape adjoined directly to the basic basket.
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Create the basket in quite a large size to make your cat lying down comfortably. You also can also put cushions in it for the bedding.

Decorative Letters

Besides useful for decorative crafts, wickers can be used to create decorative letters with simple work. You just need to weave the wickers by following the shape of the letter you want.
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The decorative letters can be used for various things. You can personalize your party by mounting some wicker letters to form a certain sentence on the wall. Or, you just want to hang wicker letters in your room for a personal touch.

Modified Plastic Bins

It can be such a creative idea to combine a plastic bin and a wicker bin. You might cut a half of a plastic bin and then continue the cut part of the plastic bin with wickerwork. In the end, the cut part of the plastic bin is replaced by the wickerwork.
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Now you have an artistic bin that might amaze anyone who sees it.

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