Preparing a Skincare Routine

Healthy skin adds to your beauty and enhances one’s personality. Since skin is so prominent, it is difficult to hide its unhealthy condition. Even if you are healthy in the rest of your body, poor skin can make you look dull and tired. This is why many people around the world indulge in a healthy skincare routine.

We have incredibly busy lifestyles so managing a routine can be a hassle. Therefore, some people only make do with monthly skin treatments but still invest in some kind of daily cleansing and moisturizing. Skin treatments can be of DIY or professional nature. Nowadays, DIY and organic treatments are more common because people have become aware of the hazards of using chemical-oriented products. However, many brands that don’t even manufacture organic products have started to realize this problem and begin investing in more healthy and environmentally-friendly formulas.

Despite the busy schedules, it is highly recommended to create a skincare routine. Your routine can be based on daily care or stretched over a few weeks.

Skimp On Eye Creams In Your Skincare Routine Is Never A Good Idea

How to Prepare a Skincare Routine?

The first step to creating your very own skincare routine is to know your type of skin and what kind of problems is it prone to. There are a few basic health needs of every type o skin. On the other hand, varying skin types have separate issues that need to be addressed.

You should also determine if you want to go completely organic with the routine or if you are okay with using the normal products. While organic products are very health friendly, you don’t have to necessarily use them. As mentioned earlier, many beauty brands are now becoming conscious of avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. They are more likely to combine ingredients that are less harsh but still effective. Some organic products may also be more expensive and not easily available.

Next, you should decide the products you will use for each step of the routine. This can be a process of trial and error. The beauty industry offers a large variety of products for all kinds of skin issues. Deciding on the right product can be difficult. For this purpose, you should research what your peers are using and watch online reviews. Certain products are more popular than others and are recommendable for trying. However, it is important to determine if a certain product is right for your skin. Despite having similar skin types, one product that works for some may not for you. It is always suggested to try the product on a small area of skin. If no adverse reaction occurs within 24 hours, you should continue the use otherwise don’t. With time, you will gain knowledge about what kind of ingredients to look for, what combinations are effective or what is trending. All these help you make more effective skincare routines.

Steps of Basic Skincare Routine

Here is what a basic skincare routine should include:


Cleansing is the base of every skincare routine. Only clean skin can absorb the benefits of the rest of the steps. Skin needs to be cleaned as it is exposed to the environment. It can absorb the dust and grime of the day. Similarly, if you use makeup or other beauty products, they need to be washed away as well. Dust and product elements can clog the pores. Clogged and unclean pores can produce excessive oil and lead to problems like acne.


A quality toner should b used after cleansing. This is to replenish the skin. Water can wash away the essential needs of the skin too. For example, it strips the natural oil and the skin may become dry. Some people may also suffer from redness of skin after cleansing. While cleansing should be kept gentle, a toner can help provide with the required hydration. It balances and soothes the skin. Additionally, it can eliminate remaining surface impurities too.


Exfoliation is essential to reach deeper into the skin and eradicate the impurities. For example, the oil and dust that has already reached deep into the layers of the skin can create blackheads and whiteheads. These can cause your skin to look dull with an uneven tone. Exfoliation does not have to be daily but products for daily use are available as well. However, excessive scrubbing can enlarge the pores. But there are advanced formulas available that target all these issues at the same time. Apart from exfoliating scrubs, there are masks as well. This post mentions 11 DIY exfoliating masks for a clearer skin.


Moisturizing the skin is significant because skin can get stripped of its natural emollients with cleansing and scrubbing. It should be done daily and several times throughout the day. There are specific products that are effective for morning use while others can be used to work overnight. These products may vary according to the type of the skin as each type has its own moisturizing needs.

Enhancing the Skincare Routine

After the basic steps of skincare, a person can add more steps according to their personalized needs. For example, if you have prematurely ageing skin or skin that is showing signs of ageing, you may invest in anti-ageing products. Similarly, treatments for eliminating acne, reducing blemishes, evening skin tone, and other issues may be added.

Apart from having a skincare routine, it is also significant to have a healthy diet. Your skin takes nourishment from what you eat and drink just like other organs of the body. Ensure that you have a balanced diet and your food contains the essential nutrients meant for the skin. Furthermore, you can consult a skin expert for taking supplements. These supplements contain combinations of vitamins, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients for a healthy skin. This can help when the body loses its ability to absorb the required quality of nutrients with increasing age.

For more information on keeping skin healthy, consult a dermatologist.

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