Inexpensive DIY Home Decor Hacks

It is only logical when a homeowner – like you – wants to decorate the house, making it more functional and stylish. However, the cost of the decoration can be huge, especially if you include professional interior designer into your plan. Don’t worry; you can always do your own DIY project for your home decor with very simple tips and tricks. You won’t need to spend a fortune and the results are guaranteed to improve the value and look of your crib.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to try something new, like drawing on your furniture. Have you tried it before? All you have to do is preparing permanent marker (it’s up to you whether you want to choose the black one or the colorful ones) and a ruler – and some office supplies, like tapes (it is better if you can choose glittery or colored tapes. If you are bold enough, you can use the marker to turn your plain and bland furniture into something more patterned and colorful.

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For instance, if you are considering placing a white couch on the corner and accompany it with a side table with a table lamp on it, you can draw graphic images on the couch and the cushions. You don’t have to draw the images all over the furniture; simply focus on the areas that stand out. If you are matching your white couch with silver cushions, add images on the corner of the silver cushions as well as the arms of the sofa. To add things up, you can also cover your table lamp with the glittery tape. You can change the smooth appearance instantly with very simple and economical ways – your friends will definitely envious!

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Add Structure and Architecture

You can combine several aspects in this effort. First, create your own professional styling gallery where you can print the pictures of the loved ones or any images that you like. Don’t put too many colors; consider using basic colors, like black and silver frames. They are guaranteed to make your picture collections elegant and classy. You can add a tiny touch like lanterns for accessories that will make the corner somewhat warmer and cozier.

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It is okay to add a little bit of structure and architecture in this corner too. You can create your own molding – you can find one at any home improvement stores – and put it on the corner. Simply glue it on, nail it in place, and paint it in vintage style so it will look a hundred-year-old. In fact, if you find one at Ikea or Lowe, you can ask for a trim board. They will give it to you primed and already ready for installation.

Open up Storage and Glam It

If you have a storage cabinet that you can use for a focal point, simply change it into an open up the design. Remove all the doors and make sure that you paint the inside part. For instance, if you have a three levels storage cabinet, you simply put a small painting or picture of the top level and put your crystal collections on the middle and lower level. By doing this, you achieve several purposes at one:

  • Making the cabinet a stylish focal point
  • Making the storage cabinet still functional and usable
  • Making your focal point looks glam and exclusive without too many efforts or costs

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Make use of Any Available Alcove

People tend to neglect any alcove they have and try to cover it up as best as they can. Well, why don’t you try to make use of it and turn it into a very stylish spot that will enhance the overall look of the house? It is pretty easy and simple, actually. You can add a giant or full-size mirror there, and then place a small table against the mirror. Simply place a vase with attractive flower arrangements that will serve as focal point – you can arrange the flowers on your own; no need to buy one every day. You can add small stools there, in case you invite over friends or relatives. By doing this, the alcove is totally useful. When not in used, it acts as a focal point. But when it is used, it is a cozy gathering spot with an intimate and personal atmosphere. Feel free if you want to style up the tablecloth with the cover for the stool, but be sure to use different patterns or different colors.

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Gilded Chamber

What if your bedroom has this tricky corner and limited spot? So your bedroom doesn’t come with the regular shape…big deal? You only need to add a tall cabinet as the background of the bed – it provides both storage and headboard. Add wall sconces on each side of the bed and you can come up with elegant and classic gilded chamber. Top it off with the right wallpaper – metallic will be more appropriate – or colors, and you are good to go!

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Decorate the Dining Room

If you like casual atmosphere in the dining, that’s fine, but make sure that you do everything correctly. If you have limited space, consider making fake built-ins so you can still have storage compartment without compromising the layout and space. Make a tall cabinet and tuck it into a tight space or corner; then paint it with the same color of the wall. It will create a nice illusion. Add amounted dining table with tucked in long backless benches so you can enjoy your meal comfortably. To create a softer look, you can upholster the bench with colorful patterned cushions. It creates cozy and comfy atmosphere, and you won’t spend a fortune.

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Make Use of Tapes

In case you have plain surfaces – as in the cabinets or wardrobe – try to give a little touch up with tapes. You can make stripes and lines on the plain surface with the tapes. There are plenty of colorful tapes that you can use for this purpose so feel free to experiment with colors. For instance, white cabinet goes well with black or silver tapes. Or pale yellow cabinet goes perfectly with dark blue or green tapes.

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