Ideas for A Modern Design Homes

A modern home design offers simple sections, cleanliness, open layouts and natural light exposure. A modern design is considered as the international architecture style. The characteristic of a modern home design is flat, shallow roofs, glass expanses, outdoor space connections, and plain walls.

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Modern home designs often use large expanses of glass to give abundant natural light for the house.

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The Roofline Model of Modern Home Design

The flat roof is to bring sleek look. It is the example of a modern home with a flat roofline.
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The sleek look is completed with the full of glass walls to give simple and less diy room decorations. This is another application of a flat roof for a modern home design shown in the picture below.
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Exterior Design of a Modern Home

Typically, a modern home design gives an open connection to outdoor. The fresh air and natural view are crucial for a modern home. Therefore, modern homes often provide outdoor swimming pool to let them enjoy the nature more pleasing.

Living Room for a Modern Home Design

A modern living room offers simple colour to give calmness and peace. Monochromatic colour is often applied in a living room with modern design. Grey is one of the most favourite colours for a modern living room.
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If you want to bring grey as the main colour for a living room, you can use it for the sofas and curtains. Use lighter grey for the wall painting. To make the room more life, use contrast colour for the sofa upholstery. Orange can work with grey, so you can use it as the upholstery colour.

Black and white is another colour combination suitable for a modern living room.
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Use white types of chairs and sofas with sleek design in the living room. An artistic table with black and white combination can complete the chairs. Apply white colour for the wall painting and white bookshelves mounted on the wall. If your floor is wooden, you can use black rugs located beneath the table as the focal point.

Modern Bedroom Design

A modern home design is not always related to black and white colour. You can combine white with light brown just like shown in the picture below.
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It is also acceptable to give simple patterns on the wall. Use white for the bedding including the headboard and light-brown upholstery with plaid patterns.
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Another combination of brown and white or black can be the other option applied to a modern bedroom.

Modern Bathroom Design

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A modern bathroom also offers an open design with the glass applied to replace the wall. The bathroom is dominated by white, especially for the bathtub, curtain and the flooring. The white colour will work with wooden colour just like the flooring in the main rooms.

White and black will always work for every room, including a bathroom. You can use white for the dominating colour and black as the accent. To give beautiful touch for the bathroom, use a white and light brown combination for some stuff such as little bit part of the wall and the bathtub.

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