DIY Bride’s Bouquet Ideas of Spring Wedding Flowers

Flowers have the snip of a significant part of wedding. The flowers will be the part of decorations, the bouquet for the braid and also the corsage as well as a boutonniere. If you are planning to celebrate your wedding party in spring, it is a great idea to utilise in season flowers such as spring wedding flowers. You also can your own bouquet and decorations with the flowers. Besides offering you the more affordable price, making the bouquet and corsage and boutonniere yourself will meet your own taste. The flowers which are in the spring season are such as daffodil, freesia, daisy, sunflower and also gladiolus. To get the most beautiful bouquet and wedding decoration, you can combine them or with other flowers you love.

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Making Bouquet for the Bride

To create the bouquet for the bride, choose the flowers which represent the theme of the wedding. It could be the colour theme or the shape of the flower. Provide some flowers that meet your requirements. Make sure the flowers are hydrated well one day beforehand.

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If you bring yellow for the main colour of the wedding, freesia is a good choice or the bouquet. This flower is so beautiful. Another option is a sunflower. Even though it has a bigger size than freesia, these flowers have their own gorgeousness.

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To arrange the flowers, prepare the stems. Remove any other foliage from the stems but keep the leaves on the hydrangea. Cut the stem and leave 13 inches in length. Give snip off leaves throughout the stems for more comfortable handling for the bride. Use a tall vase or maybe Mason jar for an alternative. Fill the jar with some water give some hydrangea stems into 3-4 pieces. Use odd numbers for the flowers. If you love the more colourful bouquet, you can add some complementary flowers. Other flowers for yellow spring wedding flowers theme which are also beautiful to be the complementary is daisy.

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If you are using the pink theme for the bouquet, you can add Hyacinth for the complementary. However, since the stem is too big, you might need additional long stems of the bouquet to hold the flowers.

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Hyacinth pink wedding flowers

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Give fragrance which is suitable for the bouquet. Make sure the size is sufficient and full. Make the amount in a balance, but not symmetry. Once the bouquet arrangement suits you, wrap those with special tape for floral to tighten the flower. Give suitable ribbons to enhance the beauty.DIY Bride’s Bouquet of Spring Wedding Flowers0

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Flowers for decorations

For the decoration, you can choose some flowers which also have the same colour theme of the wedding. You can make small bouquets be placed on several places such as tables, the tent pole and other detailed spots.Flowers for decorations

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For yellow themed wedding, daffodil look best thanks to the fresh yellow performed by the flower. Another option for the yellow party is a daisy.yellow themed wedding

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If you use the pink theme, you still can use Hyacinth for the decoration. This type of flower is so beautiful. You can place the flower in the vase as well and place the vases on the every dining table.

For larger decoration, you can use larger flowers which are placed in bigger vases. You can use forsythia for the yellow flowers.

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This flower can be formed to be hung on some spotted walls or simply placed in vases and place it on the tables.

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