Fall Healthcare Tips Every Woman Should Know

Most of us are well aware of how to take care of our bodies – our hair, skin, diets, and wardrobes – during the hot summers and freezing winters. But the stretch from September to November brings with it a unique set of health and beauty challenges. The weather tends to be undecided, swinging between hot and cold without much warning, causing uncertainty over how to best take care of oneself. Yet taking care of yourself in the fall is important, not least because a number of illnesses and conditions peak and spread in the autumn months: Fall is the time when you correct summer damage, to prep your body up for the upcoming winter.

Here is a list of essential fall tips for keeping yourself healthy and happy, during the ambivalent pre-winter months.

Stay away from comfort food

Summer is the period of fruits, vegetables and fresh juices, but when the temperature starts to drop, women begin to turn to comfort foods to sustain through the autumn season. This is a horrible health move – all it takes is an extra 100 calories each day, to gain 10 pounds in the year. The fact that we can hide the weight gain under layers doesn’t help. Steer clear fromcream and cheese soups, fried root vegetables, rich stew, butter-loaded sausage stuffings, Halloween candy, and the ever-famous Mac & Cheese, the glorious turkey and thanksgiving feasts. Don’t give in to the temptation for hot chocolate every night, either!

Cook with warming herbs

Immune-boosting, warming herbs are the perfect alternative to fattening fall foods. These herbs will provide you the warmth; your bones begin to crave in the autumn, without adding appalling amounts to your weight. Cook with thyme, rosemary and sage to ward off the common cold. Help yourself to cardamom to battle the well-documented autumn sadness. Drink ginger tea to prevent infections and reduce joint pain. Go to parsley to fulfill your Vitamins A, C and K needs. The benefits of incorporating autumn herbs into your autumn diet are endless.

Dress in layers

Dressing in layers has always been considered a great fashion plus. Layers allow you to reuse a limited amount of clothing items to create a large number of innovative and fun looks. But during fall season, dressing in layers is about more than just looking good –it’s a healthcare secret. Thousands of womenfall ill each autumn, because the weather changes without warning. You wear a strapless or midi to a day BBQ, only to find that the temperature goes from scorching to freezing within an hour; or you stuff yourself in your thickest sweater-shirt, only to find yourself sweating as the flounce of cold disappears. Beat the treacherous weather by utilizing layers that allow you to shed items or cover up as the weather fluctuates.Start with the lightest layers, topping them with heavier items such as a fashionable coat or your favorite letterman jacket. Also, make sure you don’t gain some extra pounds and if so, flesh them off by some timely workouts and a waist trainer inside.

Incorporate oil into your skincare routine

The requirements of our skin change with each season. In autumn, our skin is often reeling from the damage of a summer of sand and saltwater. It is also losing moisture and becoming drier. Oil is a wonderful multi-tasker to tackle both of these issues. It corrects summer damage, while preparing the skin for the colder months. To get rid of skin flakiness, redness and sagging, you should exfoliate with an oil-based scrub that hydrates your entire skin, at least once a week; and use an oil-based body lotion to moisturize your skin every day. Rich oil baths are another great addition to the autumn skincare routine – pure plant oils like eucalyptus, mint and wintergreen supply regenerating vitamins, relax aching muscles, clear colds, and soothe the exhausted mind.

Treat yourself to honey

This autumn, make honey your go-to healthcare ingredient. Develop a taste for raw honey to stay active in the chilly weather, fight bacteria and viruses common in the autumn, and relieve joint pain that the cold aggravates. Mix a tablespoon of honey in a glass of milk for a 20-minute haircare mask that eliminates the dryness, flatness and hair-fall that autumn hair brings. Or drink osmanthus-scented honey water to change your skin from dry and flaking to fresh and glowing.There are multiple ways you can use honey, to improve your weight, general health, hair and skin.

Season Specials

You know how every season has seasonal special vegetables and fruits, there’s a reason why they grow in particular season because they naturally contain the health benefits you’ll need to fight the hardships of that season. Eat lots and lots of cranberries and apples because they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Squash, cauliflower, cabbage will naturally produce the warmth your body needs for fall and winters.


Fall has this effect on our bodies and minds that make us want to do nothing but eat, sleep and repeat but don’t be too lazy to workout. The sun shines bright without making you feel hot so use this time to go out for a walk. Keep your body moving and active, if you don’t want to step out just bring something in to not skip your workout. If you seriously loath getting out of your room then you can just turn on some music and dance or use a rebounder to bounce on it without making it a chore. In fact, utilize the holidays and sign up for a yoga class.

Change with the weather

You obviously cannot stick to the same routine every season. Don’t force your body into doing something but prepare your mind to make necessary lifestyle changes. Eat healthy, relax and use this time to be creative and productive to help your brain stay healthy.

Fall is a time when you can be cozy at home, enjoy the beauty of nature and have fun. However, if you fall sick in a beautiful season like this then you probably might miss out on a lot. Stay fit and healthy throughout fall with these tips and don’t forget to share your own health tips for fall.

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