Does Exfoliator Act As A Baby Foot Peel For Your Face? Let’s Find Out!

We all want better, brighter skin. One thing that many of us do as a part of our skincare routine is exfoliating. Exfoliating your skin gets rid of dead skin cells that have built up on your skin. If you know about baby foot peels then you know effective they are, is exfoliation as drastic as a baby foot peel? Let’s start with discovering why we need to exfoliate the surface of the skin and what exactly a baby foot peel is for those who don’t know already.

Why are there dead skin cells on the surface of your skin?

We are constantly reminded of the dead skin that we need to remove from the surface of our skin, but why do dead skin cells build up on the skin’s surface? Here’s why. Every day our skin works to renew itself. Skin is made up of cells, and these cells are constantly at work. Cells in the epidermal layer (top layer) of our skin divide themselves and create new skin cells through this process. The new cells push their way to the top and old skin cells are shed. However, these dead skin cells sometimes cling to the skin and burrow into pores, which can cause acne. This is why exfoliation is necessary.

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What is a baby foot peel?

Baby foot peels are chemical treatments that effectively and dramatically shed dead skin cells from your feet. People rave about the difference that they see and feel on their feet after using a baby foot peel. Just as the name suggests, these peels leave your feet feeling as soft as a baby’s skin. They are so effective because they use AHA’s or Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These acids dissolve the top layer of the skin. The effects of products that use AHA’s depend on the potency of the product. Is exfoliation like giving the skin on your face a Baby foot peel?


How effective is exfoliating?

The effectiveness of an exfoliator varies by the type of exfoliant you are using. There are many different ways to rid the skin of dead skin cells, and each method has its own benefits.

  • Scrubs

Scrubs are probably the most common type of exfoliator. You can buy them at specialty skin care stores, at the drugstore, and you can even make your own. Many people utilize household items such as oatmeal, sugar, or even salt to create their own scrub. You can pick one up on your way home or make one using whatever you have on hand and use it at your leisure. They are accessible and affordable, which is why so many people use scrubs to exfoliate their skin. This type of exfoliation is convenient but doesn’t necessarily provide you with drastic results. They should only be used a few times in order to avoid irritating the skin, but they are a nice way to avoid pores from clogging and give your skin a little vitality.

  • Serums and creams

Scrubbing your face isn’t the only way to exfoliate your skin. You can also use products that are formulated with ingredients that renew the surface of the skin and rid it of old skin cells. Solvaderm Skincare makes a product that fits this description. Solvaderm Glow peel Hydroxy peel gently refreshes the skin by using targeted and potent ingredients. It is an exfoliator for dry and oily skin, and it gives you visible results without damaging your skin.

  • Chemical peels

Chemical peels, or skin peels, are chemical treatments that individuals undergo in order renew and rejuvenate the surface of their skin. This process is normally administered by a professional in a dermatology or skin care office. A chemical solution is placed on the skin that depletes dead skin cells and reveals better brighter skin.

There are different levels of chemical peels that provide varying results. There are superficial peels, medium peels, and deep peels. Superficial peels use AHA’s or other mild acids; this is the most benign type of peel. Unlike superficial peels that only combat skin cells on the outer layer of the skin, medium peels use glycolic or trichloroacetic acid in order to reach the outer and middle layer of the skin and remove damaged skin cells from these layers of the skin. Deep peels are the most drastic type of chemical peels. Phenol or trichloroacetic acid is utilized to penetrate into the middle layer of skin, but can only be administered once because of their severity.

Chemical peels are effective and provide the skin with results that are very similar to a baby foot peel, but many shy away from this method because it calls for an office visit which takes time, can cost several hundred dollars, and patients have been known to experience temporary side effects after undergoing the procedure.

Author Bio: Linda Daniels, an independent health, and beauty consultant and blogger by profession.She provides good tips on skin care, lip plump products and health conditions. She gets the best article by researching for many websites. She is a social development worker and write for skin care brand. To know more about Linda, follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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