The Best Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Slimmer

Have you ever been in a situation when you need to look instantly thin but can’t lose a couple of dozens of extra fat in just a few minutes? Well obviously without liposuction, that isn’t possible. Or is it? Of course, it is; you just need to trick people into making them think that you look slimmer than a day before. Try some of these fashion and style hacks to look slimmer in no time.

Everything must fit

Well duh… you want to look slim; rule number one is that everything must fit you nice and proper. Don’t expect to look thin if you’re going to dress up in size too loose or too tight. Well, too tight just might work, but not if you’re too bulky; all that extra fat is just going to roll up in some pretty hideous tires! Know your body shape and dress accordingly.

Stand straight

Yea I know almost feels like going to a private boarding school. But trust me, getting your posture right will keep your belly much closer to your body instead of being all over the place!

Head-to-toe black

Styling colors can be tricky, but you don’t even need a brain to tell you that that’ll work. Dark colors tend to conceal body mass and give you a more toned and lean look. And what color can do that better than black? Yep, you guessed it; none! Look at Michelle Obama; she isn’t anywhere close to what I’d call thin, but the black does wonders to make her look slim and super chic. The dress is so black it almost looks blue! Or maybe I am going colorblind! Anyway, even if it’s just a pair of skinny black pants under a plain black tank, oh wow, you’re gonna look so fine!


Tees, dresses, whatever; V-necks make your neck look longer instantly giving you a more elongated and thinner appearance. Oh who am I kidding; they’re an excellent way to show off your cleavage and boobs that serve as a fantastic distraction from otherwise fatty areas of your body. The boys wouldn’t even notice that you’re not perfectly slim. If you style it with a statement necklace, it’s going to be even bigger than just a win.

I Have Broad Shoulders And Breasts So I Need A V Neck Or Round Neck

Nay to stiff fabrics

No matter how well-tailored a dress is, if it’s made out of a thick material, it’s just going to make you look broad and fat! So if you want to look thinner for date night, avoid wearing anything made out of taffeta, brocade or anything in the likes of dull men’s suiting fabrics. Ok, so that is one red hot chilli pepper in the picture, but can you see what that taffeta is doing to her figure? Dear god no… never make that mistake!

Opt for a just-below-the-knee skirt

A just-below-the-knee skirt is just the right thing to wear for a slimmer appearance. They’re called pencil skirts, and they do wonders for making your lower body look a lot leaner than normal. Also, they kind of elongate your legs that make you longer and thinner. Just a side note, they work best with high heels.

Get a corset

OMG… I can’t believe I forgot this! Corsets are such a hot fad nowadays that women are even wearing waist-training corsets to the gym. To be honest, they do have some long-term side effects in addition to getting the much sought after hourglass shape, but seriously… who gives an F; they’re brilliant for an instant slimming look – and I mean an INSTANT slimming look! But whatever you do, don’t try to wear them on the outside; those days are long gone.

Silver Pvc Leather Punk Corpetes E Espartilhos Gothic Zipper Waist

A good bra always works

Yes, it does! It helps your boobs look even more attractive and makes your waistline look thinner eventually giving you a slimmer look. Remember; sagging breasts are neither beautiful nor body flattering – they make you look worse than deflating balloon let alone old and overweight. Do you know what the perfect bra size is for you?

Structured jackets

A well-structured jacket is by far the best way to hide problem areas in your upper body and instantly give you a slimmer look. Kim Kardashian has a tendency to look a bit too busty for slim. But you can see what the jacket does to her. Man does she look hot! Holding it in by placing your hand on your hip adds to the whole illusion of looking slimmer.

$627 Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Structured Jacket Buy Online

Go high-waisted

High-waisted shorts, or high-waisted pants – the most tried, tested, and successful hack to looking instantly slimmer is a wearing a high-waisted bottom. The high waist helps you to accentuate the thinnest portion of your waistline thus redefining the shape of your entire body.

So, do you feel like you’ve already lost a couple of inches?

Blue Sinner High Waisted Ripped Skinny Jeans Missguided

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