7 Easy Beach Inspired Decorating Ideas for the Summer

7 Easy Beach Inspired Decorating Ideas for the Summer – Even if you don’t live near the beach, you can always bring the beach to you. The ambiance of a home interior with a coastal ambiance is especially welcoming during late spring and the summer.

All it takes are a few simple DIY renovations to turn your dwelling into a beach lover’s haven.

Incorporate a Lot of White Colors

Incorporate White

What’s the color of an American Sailor uniform? It’s mostly white. There is also a lot of white when it comes to beach-related fashion and wear. This can be adopted for home designs as well. The photo above is a perfect example that uses as much white as possible especially with respects to the furniture.

The furnishings are also arranged in a manner that allows for optimal penetration of natural sunlight, a definite plus if you’re fortunate enough to live near the coast.

In addition, there is also minimal clutter or unrelated decorations that could subtract from the ambiance that the designer is shooting for.

Display Cases for Coastal Art

Display Cases for Coastal Art

Most people have seen insect display cases, which are typically used for home offices and study rooms. You can use the same type of display case but instead fill it with stuff from the beach. In place of that butterfly or beetle, consider a seashell, starfish, or baby hermit crab.

This is a great way of taking a traditional art concept and giving it an unconventional spin. The sands are full of remnants from things washed ashore that will make for a great item to add to a walled display case.

Be a Clever Improviser

Be a Clever Improviser

How might everyday coastal-related equipment be used to make over the living space? Be as creative as you like. In the pic above, a crab trap is used as a coffee table, and sections of a burlap bag serve as a lampshade.

Other ideas include using a piece of driftwood as a décor for a fireplace mantle or fishing hooks to hang your curtains.

Incorporate a Lot of Turquoise

Decorate with Turquoise

The first point talked about incorporating a lot of white. Smaller items, though, such as décor items like pillows, cushions, and vases can come in a turquoise color. When mixed with the larger and mostly white backdrop, this provides a very airy and outdoorsy feel.

The color represents the color of the ocean as well as the sky. Alternatively, you can also hang photos or paintings of the sky or ocean, or any depiction with a lot of blue in it.

Sand in a Bottle

Sand in a Bottle

This is a common beach décor item. It’s trendy because it makes for a budget-friendly DIY project for both adults and kids alike. Simply use a glass bottle or mason jar, fill it halfway with sand, and add other items like seashells and starfishes. You now have a décor item that is great for any part of the home.

It can be used for the mantle, bedroom nightstand, as a centerpiece for the dining room table, or even inside a display case where expensive china and silverware are normally displayed.

To get even more creative, you can also write a message on a piece of paper. This can be a quote, religious scripture, or even an actual letter from a loved one. Roll it up and place it in the bottle. This gives the item more sentimental value.

Beach-ify the Stairway

Beach-ify the Stairway

If you happen to have a two story home, then decorate the stairway using common items found at a beach or in a merchant’s boat. Items to consider include a thick rope, fishing net, and dried seaweed. These items can be enhanced further with smaller add-ons like seashells and starfishes.

These items, of course, will all be placed on the stair banister. If the other side is the wall, then decorate it using items like the walled display case described in tip #2 or a wooden ship steering wheel.

Seashells Galore

Seashells Galore

The use of seashells has already been discussed several times already. How else might they be used?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Place them randomly on the wall
  • Hang them on a string and suspend it from an overhang
  • Decorate the borders of a mirror or picture frame
  • Use them as a candle holder
  • Place them around a vase or even on the vase itself
  • Use them in place of soil or gravel for a plant in a see-through vase

Seashells are a staple item when it comes to beach-inspired decorations because they are so plentiful and easy to find. A single trip to the beach should yield you a bucket full of them in various shapes and sizes.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

You can give any room a coastal atmosphere using mostly DIY decorations. It doesn’t require costly renovations from a professional, though that is also an option if budget isn’t a concern.

Hannah Hutchinson

Being passionate about beautiful interiors and architecture, I also have recently begun to write and contribute to this knowledge ecosystem I strongly believe that the place we create around us has a strong influence on our personal well-being. Follow me for my inspirations and musings at @hannahhutch5 or blog.

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