DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teen and College Girls

There are lots of great ideas that you can include for your DIY room decor project. Although most people view DIY as complicated or difficult, it can actually be fun and interesting, and you can get unique and cool stuff without spending a fortune. The great thing about DIY teen room decor is that no one will have stuff like yours, so you can be sure that your artwork is the one and only. If you are into arts and crafts and you want to show off your personal style, this is the kind of work that suits you the best.

You don’t have to start with complicated projects. If you want to use old or worn stuff, that will work too! For instance, if you have antique lamps or lantern lamps, you can paint them with bold and bright colors. Neon colors are trendy right now, so consider painting them neon green, pink fuchsia, or light blue. Not only you are able to transform your old stuff, you can really spark up your room without hurting your wallet. Basically, a room won’t be so cold or dingy with some bright colors and cute decor accessories here and there. You don’t have to buy expensive stuff to make your room livelier; even old and worn things sparkle when you apply your own style!

Here are some simple and yet cool ideas that you can implement into your DIY teen room decor project:

Flower lights

You only need strings of lights (Christmas lights will do), colored cupcake containers and scissors. Use the scissors to cut flowery shapes from the cupcake liners and make a hole in each liner. Insert each light into the flowery shape, and then seal it off by gluing or taping them. These strings of lights aren’t just adorable but are also unique and stylish. You can place the light strings in the reading corner or place them on the headboard of your bed.

Clothesline holders for display

You don’t have to spend money on photo frames. You can use clothesline and clothespins to decorate your empty wall. You can show off your photos, ticket stubs, notes, or cards on the clothesline using the pins to hang those items. It is unique and eclectic, and you won’t have to spend a dime to show off your precious photos.

How To Make A Clothesline Frame A Step By Step Guide

Make-up board

If you always create a mess when it comes to your make-up arrangement, you can make your own make-up board. All you need is an old frame, magnetic board, small magnetic pins, glue gun, and your favorite paint. Buy an inexpensive magnetic board and attach it to the old frame. Paint it with your favorite color. Black paint with colorful accents also looks great, so don’t be afraid to mix up the color scheme. Let it dry thoroughly. Meanwhile, attach small magnetic pins on the back of your make-up items with a glue gun. Once the board dries completely, you can start attaching the make-up items on the board, avoiding a cluttered mess on your dresser. Not only it is good for a better arrangement, the board is definitely unique and somewhat edgy.

Fabric decoupage

If you are bored with your plain dresser, you can easily create a fabric decoupage look. Measure the width and length of each drawer. Using these measurements, cut different patterns from different fabrics. Cover each drawer with a different fabric, so you can have a seemingly new dresser without actually having to buy a new one. It is unique and cool and saves you a lot of money.

Diy Decoupage With Fabric Youtube

Chalkboard paint

If you have a file cabinet, you can cover it up with chalkboard paint. Feel free to decorate it with any shapes, forms, or images with different colors of chalk. You can also write the content of each drawer with the chalk. By doing so, you can have better storage management and finding the stuff you want has never been this easy! And if you don’t like a design, just erase it and try again!

52 Diy Chalkboard Paint Ideas For Furniture And Decor

Stylish Trashcan Nightstand

Create a unique and stylish nightstand using some paint and a trashcan. You simply need to paint a trashcan in interesting colors or patterns, let it dry completely and then use it as your nightstand.

Textured walls

Choosing colorful paint for your room is an easy and common way to liven up a room, but what if you want to create textures on the wall? There are some easy ways to do so. For instance, you can cover the wall with paint and then dab a sponge on the wall – while it is still wet – to create a unique look. Another way to create interesting texture is to, wrap yarn around the paint roller, dip it into the paint, and use it on the wall. You can immediately create a textured wall that is cute and unique without fuss. However, the experts at All Around Roofing will tell you, painting can be tougher and more dangerous than it seems, especially if you’ve chosen to use textured paints. Make sure the space you’re painting in is well-ventilated and make sure to read up on expert advice before jumping into the project yourself.

How To Diy Textured Painted Walls With A Grass Broom

Keep Cork Board Handy

A corkboard is very handy and useful. You can turn it on a pin board or memo board. Here are some alternative uses for a corkboard.

  • Washi tape board. Buy a large cork board or several small rectangular boards. Use washi tape to create unique patterns; diagonal or stripes are the most common ones. If you use several small boards, try putting them together so you have one big board.
  • You can also cut the cork board into unique or interesting shapes. Before attaching it to the wall, use a cute paper wrap as the base and stick the whole thing on the wall. Now you can have your own beautiful memo board without having to spend a fortune!
  • In case you have limited space on the wall – you may have already filled the wall with photos or other images – cut the cork board into smaller circles. Attach the cork boards to colorful circular plastic lids and arrange them on the wall. You can group them or scatter them around. One board can be used for one note.

How To Make A Memo Cork Board Diy Easy School Diy Youtube

Make Use of Trays

If you have metal trays, you can paint them with interesting, bold colors and turn them into magnet boards for your wall. There are lots of inexpensive and adorable magnets that you can use to stick favorite photos or beautiful cards to the tray. Or you can use the trays as a picture frame. Paint the trays with your favorite colors and then attach one or two photos to them, and display your “framed” pictures. This will work with trays of any material.

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