6 Mistakes To Avoid When Opening Up Your Beauty Shop

Opening up a beauty shop can be an exciting endeavor. There is nothing quite like being able to call yourself your boss. It is both a liberating feeling and unfortunately a troubling and trying experience (mostly in the beginning.)

Purchasing equipment for your shop, hiring the right people, trying to find clienteles, and let’s not even get started with taxes…oh, the headaches this particle area of the business will bring is – in of itself – one of the main reason companies fail.

Speaking of failure – we have taken the liberty to outline six mistakes you should avoid making in order to be successful in your business endeavor.

Business is not easy, but this is true only when you are unaware of the pitfalls that will inevitably be there on your journey to becoming a successful business owner.


6 Mistakes To Avoid When Opening Up Your Beauty Shop

# 1 – Technician

The mistakes that you can make with technicians could have an entire list in of itself. However, to keep this article quick and straight to the point, we will outline a few mistakes that are quite prominent with technicians, and something you should consider when hiring.

  • Hiring Friends: This may very well seem as if you are helping people out. It is a great thing to lift up those who have believed in you and wanted you to succeed. With this said, the relationships that we have as friends and later shifting that over to becoming boss and employee can drastically change both relationships. Friendship ethics may be thesame, hence is why you are friends but work ethics…work ethics drastically change with people. So hire people who are legitimately qualified to work. It is important to keep your work life and your social life SEPARATE.
  • Overpaying Technicians: This is yet another problem that many new beauty shop owners do; overpaying their technicians. Yes, we understand that you don’t (and probably can’t) want to pay people at minimum wage; that is not what is being suggested. But overpaying technicians will later leave you regretful; especially when you have to take in the amount you must pay for electricity, for the building, for equipment, and for many other maintenance concerns. It would prove invaluable if you come to a fair rate and as your business gets a better you can increase the rate as you feel is appropriate.
  • Poor Screening: It is important to screen your technicians properly like Wholesale Maxi dresses. Check their background history, see if they had undergone any training, look at their education, and you might want them to have referrals.

# 2 – Location. Location. Location

It is all about location.

You may have a stellar beauty shop that is unlike no other. However, what good is having this fantastic shop if no one knows about it? There is a business saying that is an excellent metaphor for this particular scenario: “It’s like winking at the hot chick across the bar…but the lights are off.

Your action in building this business will be futile if you do not place your endeavors in an LOCATION where it will pay off.

# 3 – It’s Your Business But…You Still Need Help

Many people like to micromanage every aspect of their business. They want to have control over everything in the business. This tyrannical nature, however, is not the most beneficial way to run a business. As it will for one, have your employees look for work elsewhere and two leave you drained mentally and physically.

It is crucial that you separate specific areas of the business to people who can handle it much more effectively then you can. In addition it will help to take that load off your back. For example, have a financial advisor on your team to help with the tax purposes because taxes…oh my.

Taxes can be quite the headache for new business owners and even for veteran business owners; which is why they, too, have their financial advisors.

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# 4 – Not Advertising Effectively

To have your friends talk about your beauty shop will not be enough to bring in more clients. Unfortunately, “word of mouth” can only take your services so far. There are a plethora of ways to which you can advertise your business nowadays.

Social media is perhaps the most effective way to get an audience and to advertise your services or products. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on, are all great platforms.

This greatly compliments our last entry. Reaching out for help and hiring a social media manager who can post ads on these platforms and interact with potential clients will be a great way to start seeing more people coming into your physical business.

However, you can also start to earn more money from your social media marketing with affiliate products.

# 5 – Not Technologically With The Times

Piggybacking off of the last entry. What many new beauty shop owners do is fail to be technologically with the times. Now we aren’t saying that they are still using equipment from the 80s.But in not including a website for your shop, where people can purchase items, you will be losing a great deal of money as well.

As we just mentioned in our last entry, you can earn money from your social media platforms by placing affiliate links. Affiliate links are a great way to earn more money by promoting products that you already use in your beauty shop.

Furthermore, by coupling this by hiring a social media expert to manage your social media, you can also build a relationship with people. Whatever you are promoting for that week or month will probably be purchased much more because of the services you have provided in the past.

# 6 – Not Listening To The Feedback Of Your Employees

Lastly, not listening to your employees.

Steve Jobs was a fantastic person and had a tremendous mind. However, he was a monster of a boss. And that monstrous boss mentality is not the only way to run a successful business.

It is very feasible to grow your business by listening to your employee’s feedback. Don’t get caught in myopia believing everything YOU do is right. Listen to your employees because they may very well show you a different perspective on the business and how it can grow if you try something different.

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